Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Why I am Happy and Thankful I live a Gluten Free Lifestyle

Yes, you read that correctly.   Living a gluten free life is often thought of as a horrible prison sentence. That it is hard to find things to eat.  Well, I find that it is often easier to be gluten free.  Why?  Because I can not make terrible impulse decisions at the store!!  Today while walking through Sam's after picking up my naturally gluten free steaks, potatoes and carrots. I came across these little gems.  If I was not eating gluten free I probably would have bought them. Sure they look good and probably taste good, but what I am giving up by not eating them is a lot more then taste. For starters I am giving up a bunch of empty - non nutrient - calories.  Not to mention the amount of processed sugar and other chemicals that are in there!!  I am giving up feeling sluggish and cranky and will not experience the sugar highs and falls. (I do not know the exact ingredients or the nutrition info I am just going off of intuition)
 Don't get me wrong - I love some "junk" so instead I found these!!!  Organic, natural foods loaded with healthy ingredients and full of flavor and crunch!!

 Oh, and the steaks and veggies I bought?  They turned into this yummy dinner!!

This is our lifestyle, embrace it - we are the lucky ones!

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