Friday, May 26, 2017

What's with Wheat?

Today I watched the documentary on Netflix called what's with wheat?  

It really sucked me in, but I LOVE this stuff - food documentaries are my favorite things to watch.  Then again, I am a nutritionist and health coach so I guess that makes sense.  

I feel the documentary is informative for both those who deal with gluten issues and those who do not.  I truly believe everyone can benefit from living gluten free.  But, I am self proclaimed brain washed and rightfully so.  

I have seen gluten at its worst - my mom suffering with stomach issues for many years before knowing what was causing the pain, parents devastated because their child was so sick and not knowing what it was they actually thought is was the end for him.  I have witness other family members dealing with skin rashes, headaches, crankiness and mood swings - yep that one is me, constipation, brain fog, nerve pain and so on and so on...  The best part, I have seen a gluten free lifestyle help all of this!!  The pains have gone away, the digestive system is regular, the headaches are gone (without meds), the rashes and brains have cleared and I am so happy - lol!!  Sure, every day is not perfect and not free of pain or crankiness. We are human after all but, overall our lives have all improved!

I know some would argue with me saying it is not the gluten, it is making better choices - well, yes I get that.  I also love to post about overall nutrition education - but I save that for its own day!  

However, this is a blog about living a happy gluten free life and I truly believe everyone could benefit.  The biggest question I get is, "how can something that is supposed to be healthy, be bad for me?"  Well, there are many possible reasons, the wheat from today is not the wheat our ancestors ate.  The wheat of today is so over processed, harvested too soon and stripped of nutrients. 

It is almost becoming an artificial ingredient, and as one expert said if we continue eating artificially we become artificial and can only be treated artificially (meds).  It's an interesting yet scary thought.  So, not only does this documentary talk about the benefits of getting gluten out of our lives, and healing our bodies, it discusses bringing back the truly good stuff.

I recommend watching it - it will help those of you who struggle with this often challenging lifestyle. It will help to realize, it is a benefit and we truly are the lucky ones!

my disclaimer : I am not a doctor and gluten free can not cure everything or take the place of all meds - I am simply a mom, daughter, sister, aunt and friend who wants to help all those who want to lead a happy healthyish gluten free life!

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