Tuesday, May 23, 2017

You were just told you have to live a Gluten Free Lifestyle?! Now what?

You were just told you have to eat gluten free --- now what?  This seems to be a very overwhelming task and at first it may be but it is not.  I have been in the gluten free world for over 25 years - talk about overwhelming.  There were no "contains wheat" labels, people would look at us like we had 10 heads when we asked about gluten free items on the menu etc etc.

I have mentioned in previous posts celiacs as well as others who need to eat gf are the lucky ones!  I know this may not seem to be the case right now.  However, in time you will heal and adjust to this new lifestyle.  You will feel great - better then you ever thought and will not need to refill meds or go on follow up appointments.

Don't get me wrong, there will be times you will get frustrated.  You will be hungry and you can not just grab a burger or slice of pizza.  But you will get through it.

Here are my top tips to living a successful gluten free lifestyle:

  1. Concentrate on what you can eat, not what you can't
  2. Eat foods that are naturally gluten free - here is a cheat sheet
  3. Look for "gluten free" label to save time in scanning every item.  Back in 2006 the Food Allergy Laws and Regulations were passed to help save time and keep people safe
  4. Stay positive when offered gluten products - do not say "I can't eat that" rather say "I do not eat that" 
  5. Menu plan - refer back to this blog, or my facebook, instagram or twitter pages for my menus for the week - I am new to this so I am hoping to be adding this as a regular feature.
  6. Contact me with any questions! myglutenfreefamilylife@gmail.com

This is your new lifestyle, embrace it - you are the lucky ones!

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