Thursday, April 20, 2017

Naturally Gluten Free Groceries on a Budget

Good Afternoon all!  Today was my day to grocery shop, and like all my big grocery shopping days, I go to Aldi and Sams Club.  Today I decided I was going to concentrate on buying naturally gluten free items.

My list consisted of a lot of produce.  My daughter got braces and a herbst appliance yesterday so she is quite sore.  Not only does Emily eat gluten free, she also has a lot of allergic reactions to fruits.  I made her a strawberry banana smoothy this morning - but only a few sips in her mouth was itchy. yikes!  So, I had to get creative today to get her foods that can go into a smoothy as well as foods that she will like and most importantly will not cause any type of reaction.

Some of the items I purchased are Kale, peppers, avocado, apples, pears.

I know i was concentrating on naturally gluten free foods, but I could not resist the gf chicken noodle soup that Aldi offers!  Its perfect for Emily to eat.  And hopefully will help cure some of those blisters those braces are causing :(

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