Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Let's use it up - Whatever is in the fridge Wednesday!

Good afternoon!  Today is a beautiful day in the Northeast and I am doing a bit of spring cleaning.  But, before I empty my fridge to get ready for trash day I thought about the waste that happens in American homes.  We are one of the most wasteful nations and much of that waste comes from food.

So I am calling on everyone to enact this movement I am calling it "Whatever is in the fridge Wednesday!"  Let's get creative and see what we can make with what is in the refrigerator - please do not use anything that has spoiled or gone bad.

Feel free to post your creations #whateverisinthefridgewednesday  Gluten Free preferred and share the recipe - I can't wait to see what everyone is having for dinner tonight.  I have some ideas for my dinner - I will be sure to post it!

Together we can all help to reduce food waste and keep a few bucks in our pocket!!

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