Friday, April 21, 2017

Challenges of Feeding Picky Teens Who are Gluten Free and Anemic

I always say kids are either picky about what they eat or what they wear,  if I had a choice I would always choose the picky dresser - I know they wouldn't leave the house naked - but they will leave without eating.  Well, my children are no different.  I was blessed with two wonderful children - one of each and while we have some issues with clothing the picky eater is my biggest struggle.  I love food - healthy food!! And, of course ice cream!

While my daughter has accepted gluten free living and will not cheat one bite feeding her is challenging.  So, not only is gluten restricted, Emily often has reaction to fresh fruit.  She has the most amazing sensitive pallet - did you know milk from a half gallon tasted different then milk from a gallon?  Yep folks, this is how it is.  

So, with that in mind I can not sneak ingredients.  When Jessica Seinfeld first came out with her book, I thought to myself - "why be sneaky kids need to learn the importance of healthy eating and nutrition?"  Well, guess what book came out of my cabinet today - and is going to be a part of this weeks meal planning - yep! Deceptively delicious.  I'm gonna give it a try.  I will have to convert the recipes to be gf so I will be sure to post the results and share the successes and the failures.  

Post your recommendations, comments and/or questions.

I have a pot of rice and beans on the stove - wish me luck!

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