Thursday, March 9, 2017

Gluten Free and Organic Groceries on a Budget

Hello all!  Today is my favorite day of the week - grocery shopping!  Yes,  I am one of those, but I feel so great when I come home not feeling like I broke the bank and with great gluten free foods to feed my family.

As I always do - and have done for about 3 or so years, I went to Aldi.  If you have never been you are throwing away money.  You will need to pack your own purchases - they do sell bags, but you may want to bring your own.  Oh, and do not forget a quarter - you will need that to unlock your cart - but you will get it back! 😊  

The Aldi near me was just renovated and looks amazing!  I can ramble on all day about it, but I will just stick to why I am here.  To let you know about all the amazing gluten free options they have! They have their own line called liveGfree! And, so far every product I have tried is tasty and has a texture similar to its full gluten counterpart.  They do have a gluten free section in the store, but like all stores there are gluten free items all throughout the aisles.

Here are some of the items I found today - check out these amazing prices!  Can you believe how awesome these prices are?

liveGfree Section 

Some of the great tasting, amazing priced, very kid friendly products:

I also purchase many other gluten free items in the store that were not in this section.  They also have a great line of organic foods - which I choose to buy. 

So, here is my entire purchase today - I spent $62.37 on gluten free food and organic produce - can you believe it?  I love that place - can you tell?!
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