Monday, November 13, 2017

Gluten Free Thanksgiving - easy peasy!

Hello all - the biggest food day is around the corner and you may be wondering how am I going to do this now that I am living gluten free!?  Well, let me tell you - you got this!  It is not as overwhelming as you may think.

Twenty five plus years ago when my mom was diagnosed with celiac she mentioned having a gf Thanksgiving - we all laughed and said heck no!  Fast forward to now - almost 10 of us in the family follow this lifestyle.  I host a big "friendsgiving" each year from 25-40 people and this is the one meal we can all agree tastes great - gf or  not!!

This is why Gluten Free Thanksgiving is SOOO Doable:

  • Most of the foods you serve are naturally gluten free - think corn, sweet potatoes, turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce - you got this!
  • GF stuffing is now fairly easy to find - aldi has a great one!  
  • Green Bean casserole - no problem - Aldi has the fried onions you need!
What else do you need?  Please message me or comment any questions.

So, sit back relax make your list and know that you got this!  Oh, and if you are hosting and people want non gf stuffing - they can bring it!  Cheers!

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